How Does Brake Skimming Work and Why It Matters for Your Vehicle’s Safety?

How Does Brake Skimming Work and Why It Matters for Your Vehicle’s Safety?


Brake skimming the process of skimming the brake discs of your vehicle to restore its surface. Most of the time, car owners choose ventilated discs but others choose solid discs. This service has gained popularity due to its affordability and ability to restore the brake discs.

Brake skimming can be done more than once in a brake disc’s lifetime, giving us the alternative to have the service performed regularly instead of having the brake discs replaced when we do not have to. This can be done routinely in order to prolong the lifespan of the brake disc.

Now that you know that brake skimming is essential, you need to be aware of the signs that indicate problems in your brake discs. Here are some of them:

  • The brake discs are rusty.
  • The brake pads are due for a change but the brake discs have not completely deteriorated yet.
  • The brakes squeal whenever you use it.
  • The brake judders or vibrates whenever you use it.
  • The brake reaction is delayed or bouncy.


Before actually doing the process of skimming, the garage technician will measure the brake disc and make sure that there is enough surface to be skimmed. The technician will determine the surface thickness that is workable for your brake discs by looking at the manufacturer of your vehicle.

If the surface thickness of your brake discs are too thin, the garage technician will advise you to have it replaced because you need to comply with the regulations of the manufacturers and the road safety laws. If the surface thickness of your brake discs are thick enough to be worked on, the technician will go ahead and skim your discs.

There are many perks for opting brake skimming. Here are some of the issues it can solve:


  • It can stop your brakes from squealing.
  • It can stop existing corrosion issues in your discs.
  • It can help you prepare for MOT tests by enhancing your vehicle’s brake efficiency.
  • It can remove the worn lip on your disc caused by repeated braking.
  • It can remove particles, rust and dust that might interfere with your vehicle’s capacity to brake.
  • It can solve the vibration issues of your brake system.
  • It can help you save money when servicing your vehicle.
  • It can keep your brake system from squeaking, squealing, juddering or pulsating.
  • It can remove friction debris or material that has been embedded into the brake disc.
  • It can enhance the performance of your brake system and keep you safe while driving.
  • It will give you an observable improvement in the performance of your brake system.
  • It can offer you the most favorable braking whenever you change the brake pads.


Understanding how brake skimming works is pivotal for every vehicle owner concerned about safety and optimal performance. If you are looking for the best wheel service equipment’s for your own garage – ATS ELGI offers you the best solution you need. Instead, looking for the best service for your vehicle, then look no more. Reach out to your nearby ATS ELGI equipped Wheel Service center to skimming your brake drum and discs for a smooth and safe drive.


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