Reba McEntire of The Voice opens up about her complicated connection with her rarely-seen son.

Reba McEntire of The Voice, a prominent figure in the music industry, provides an insightful perspective on her connection with her infrequently-seen son.

Her genuineness, which she attributes to her childhood in rural Tennessee, is evident wherever she goes, from the peaceful fields of her farm to the noisy streets of Los Angeles.

It feels like a loving family is embracing you when you enter Reba McEntire’s house. Feeling more at home than a tourist, you can’t help but pick up on the familiar buzz of Southern friendliness.

The famed voice teacher, who is also a phenomenal singer, shows a softer side while discussing her personal life, notably her relationship with her son Shelby.

Traditions and ideals handed down through the centuries are evident in her home. Reba said in an interview with Better Homes & Gardens, “When a guest comes to your house, the first thing you say is, would you like something to drink?”

A tinge of melancholy crept into her voice as she continued, “That’s the Southern hospitality of ‘have you eaten’—and it’s just good manners, too.”

Reba learned the value of discipline and structure as a child in a low-income family with three siblings. She recalls, “There were four of us kids growing up in a very small house, so if you didn’t pick up your things and get them out of the living room, it got a little cluttered.”

Reba’s life gained new depth and significance with Shelby’s arrival. Shelby, her first child with her husband, Narvel Blackstock, was the center of her universe following her birth in 1990.

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Reba and Narvel were married for 26 years until they divorced in 2015. But her love for her kid has only grown deeper over the years.

She said this of him in an interview with Newscase in 2022: “I’m incredibly proud of him. He’s always working to improve himself. His father also performed an excellent job. She pondered this for a while before continuing, “Shelby is a gift from God to me.” We are quite close to each other. I was a little egotistical until I met Shelby. However, having him in my life redirected my attention to the task of protecting, cherishing, and educating the precious new life I had been given.

The importance her father placed on keeping a clean home was instilled in her. Reba has made it a habit since she was little to start each day with a freshly made bed.

“Daddy made us kids all make our beds when we got out of it in the morning, and that’s what I do still today,” she recalls, highlighting the traditions she is eager to maintain.

And this lesson in consistency and order? In her own words, “It’s very important to make your bed in the morning; that is a standing rule.” She has passed this on to Shelby.

Reba handled her successful music and television career and motherhood with poise and perseverance. Her mystery? Strong backing from others.

Her caregivers were “outstanding,” and she even traveled with her son. What about the tougher days? After each show, I’d fly straight home to spend quality time with Shelby before hitting the road again. Being there for Shelby was and remains my first objective.