Burning shoes and timing showers are just two of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unconventional approaches to raising his children.

The present discourse examines Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unconventional approaches and techniques specifically focusing on the practices of burning shoes and implementing scheduled showers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses the unique upbringing he gave his children, saying that although he may have parented like a “drill instructor,” he is certain that his kids grew up better for it.

According to the actor, his children have “very humorous stories” from their childhood.

He has five children total: four with ex-wife Maria Shriver and one with the family’s former maid, Mildred Baena.

After an event involving his oldest daughter Katherine and her 3-year-old daughter at his home, Schwarzenegger realized that his parenting had an effect on Katherine’s connection with her kid.

“Katherine comes over with Lyla and tells her, ‘Lyla, I told you already not to put the shoes there. Keep your shoes on or put them away; either way, you shouldn’t do what Daddy did and leave them on the stand in front of the fireplace. I’ve forgotten my shoes there twice. The third time he torched them in front of me, I sobbed,’” he told People magazine in an interview promoting his new book.

Schwarzenegger insists that he “absolutely” did burn his daughter’s shoes and takes great satisfaction in the fact that she “uses the same methods that she cried over and complained about” with Lyla, her daughter with husband Chris Pratt. They also raised a little girl named Eloise.

The former governor of California recalled his own upbringing, saying, “Every pair of shoes that I had, of which there was only one pair, I washed and cleaned every day, and I put them away.” So I told them, “I want you guys to do the same thing, despite the fact that you have a lot of shoes. Simply stow them away in the foyer. A mudroom is available to us. Please leave your shoes in the mudroom; I don’t feel like cleaning them.

The actor in “The Terminator” spoke up about some of the challenges he faced as a father.

Schwarzenegger recalls the day when his son Patrick was 9 and he threw his mattress out the window because Patrick didn’t make his bed.

I flung open the balcony door and dragged the mattress, bedsheets, pillows, and everything else out onto the floor. ‘Never ask someone to come to clean your room, shower, or make your bed,’ I warned him, as he recalled. For the simple reason that I showed you how to make the bed,” I said.

Another source of contention between him and Patrick was the time spent in the shower.

“The rain stopped; the storm is finished. According to Schwarzenegger, he once told his kid, who loved taking lengthy, hot showers, that they just had five minutes and that was it before they turned off the water.

“In Munich, they have those showers where you put money into a timer. After all the money had been spent, the taps began dripping ice water. He continued, revealing that Patrick had reverted to old habits: “I said, ‘I’m going to get one like that,’ and that’s precisely what I got.

When he turned on the shower, he started humming and singing, thinking to himself, “Daddy’s not around,” and then the cold water turned on. And then, from downstairs, we heard the scream.

The Austrian-American has been quite open about his modest upbringing, including the fact that he grew up in a tiny house and that his mother had to beg for food. In his words, he “grew up without running water.”

Taylor Swift lends Sophie Turner and her children a New York apartment during the stormy Joe Jonas divorce: Reports!

According to insiders, Taylor Swift lends Sophie Turner and her children temporary accommodation in a New York apartment throughout the tumultuous divorce between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Vigilante S—,” in which she sings, “Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife.”

Now, Swift seems to be putting her words into action, as rumors have it that she is letting Sophie Turner, the estranged wife of ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, and their two young girls stay in her New York apartment.

According to Page Six, Turner will be moving into Swift’s Tribeca investment property. The news source also said that the actress and her kids had been staying at a hotel in Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood.

Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas last week, demanding their kids be sent back to England immediately. Fox News Digital has uncovered startling court documents in which Turner claims that Jonas has had “wrongful retention” of their two girls since about September 20.

Turner claimed that she found out about Jonas’s divorce filing in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on September 5 solely through the news. The marriage was “irretrievably broken,” as Jonas put it in the paperwork he filed. The couple’s divorce “happened very suddenly,” according to the paperwork Turner filed.

Jonas promptly shot off numerous of Turner’s assertions, telling Fox News Digital that Turner knew full well that he was about to file for divorce. Jonas said that they had “multiple conversations” about it.

Sophie was served with this order more than two weeks ago, on September 6, 2023. On Sunday, when Sophie visited Joe and the kids in New York, they had a pleasant encounter. They’ve been by her side ever since they first met. According to Joe, “they came to an agreement that they would work together toward an amicable co-parenting setup,” which was the gist of the statement.

Also sent was the information that the court in Florida, where Jonas had originally filed, “has already entered an order that restricts both parents from relocating the children.”

Turner and Swift were pictured having dinner and drinks in Tribeca only days before the New York lawsuit was filed. Since then, she’s been seen out and about with the musician again.

Since Jonas dated Swift’s pal Gigi Hadid in 2015, she and her ex have remained on cordial terms. Despite Turner being a Swift fan before her connection with Jonas, fans nonetheless reacted strongly when the two were sighted together. This was particularly true considering the circumstances.

Swift has had a busy week, appearing in almost every news outlet’s top stories. The musician was photographed on Sunday attending a Chiefs game in Kansas City, Missouri.

The appearance of Swift fuelled suspicions that she was dating Travis Kelce, a standout tight end with the Chiefs. Donna Kelce, Kelce’s mother, and she were having tea in a suite.

Swift seemed to leave the stadium in Kelce’s vehicle after the game.

Kelce recently said on his podcast how happy he was that Swift came to one of his games after he invited her. To Taylor, many thanks for stepping up. He mentioned it as much on his “New Heights” podcast with his brother, Jason. I thought it was awesome how everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her—you know, the friends and family. That woman was stunning. Everyone had nothing but nice things to say about her. And, of course, the day went off without a hitch for Chiefs supporters.