Britney Spears claims that she is taking her separation from Sam Asghari one day at a time

Britney Spears remains optimistic despite the recent end of her marriage.

The 41-year-old musical diva hurried to Instagram on Friday night (September 29) to express her appreciation and reflect on her separation from Sam Asghari in an extended post.

She stated, “Let’s just say that it’s not easy!” “I say this because I’m going through a divorce, and having to reflect on my past in a book was… not easy!” I am gradually relearning how to breathe! Self-love’s importance cannot be overemphasized. I could not help but shed grateful tears when I awoke in such a breathtaking location.

In her forthcoming book, The Woman in Me, the “Piece of Me” singer discusses the difficulties she faced while examining her past.

Asghari (then age 29) filed for divorce from the performer in the middle of August. They began dating in 2016 and were married in June 2022 at a star-studded ceremony.

“I’m in such a beautiful location!” I am incredibly fortunate to have fantastic companions. I must immediately prioritize positive self-talk. Spears was photographed while on vacation in Mexico snuggling with her longstanding companion and manager, Cade Hudson, and published the images on Instagram.

Then I began to consider how Instagram currently works into my existence! Just so I’m clear, it seems quite enticing… “But I think people stop caring about you once you start taking yourself too seriously,” she added. Hey, I’m not going to spend the rest of my life promoting FaceTune, but when I’m feeling depressed, looking at new applications makes me feel ridiculous! I am thinking, “Wow, that’s pretty neat.” I don’t mind if my vision is enhanced because everything appears superior to me.”

In addition to discussing her social media presence, Spears confessed to using image-editing software such as Facetune.

Singing, “I’m just attempting to comprehend those who claim they don’t participate!” However, they are now taking a combative stance, condemning others for lying and downplaying the situation by alleging that the photographs were all altered. Nothing actually exists in the universe… Honestly, who gives a f***? Why should you fret if someone is testing out new applications on their phone if you are so superior and entitled? Why even bring it up? If you are superior to them, why are you here? What, are you not? Yes, indeed!!! My closest friend is the greatest.

Spears’ admirers became alarmed when they saw her dancing with what appeared to be two enormous kitchen blades in a video she posted earlier this week. The Los Angeles Times reports that, due to public concern, officials examined the singer’s health. Spears posted a comprehensive Instagram explanation after the incident.

My crew rented this set of phony knives from the Hand Prop store in Los Angeles. I apologize if my previous article alarmed you. Clearly, these weapons are counterfeit. She reassured her readers on Friday (September 29), “Please do not report this to the police.” I am endeavoring to recreate a performance by one of my favorite artists, Shakira, that has always inspired me. Cheers to the women who are not afraid to violate the norms and take risks!

Below is an Instagram post by Spears.

Britney Spears Justifies Her ‘Disturbing’ Knife Dance, Which Everyone Is Talking About But Really Isn’t?

Britney Spears justifies Her ‘Disturbing’ Knife Dance, Saying It Wasn’t As Big Of A Deal As People Made It Out To Be.

Pop music fans have become used to Britney Spears’ hyperkinetic dances on Instagram. However, this week’s viral video of the singer spinning butcher knives around his body drew criticism from critics who called it “disturbing.”

She claimed that the blades in the unusual video were artificial, but the sound that the pair of butcher knives made as they collided refutes this.

“I started playing in the kitchen with knives today!” Don’t worry, they are not real knives! “Halloween is soon,” she cryptically captioned.

Since supporters were unable to voice their disapproval in the comments section, they went to X (previously Twitter).

Britney Spears’ new video has her dancing while holding knives. A gun? “Please get this woman some help right away,” one person tweeted.

Britney Spears has a health problem. Putting out odd films, the most recent of which has them dancing with butcher blades. Someone else chimed in, “She needs mental help.”

Yesterday, in an Instagram post likely aimed at calming fans’ fears, Britney explained that she had only been mimicking fellow singer Shakira.

“Lighten up about the knives I’m copying, Shakira,” she captioned the photo.

Yes, Shakira did perform on stage at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards while wielding a knife in each hand. The singer’s dance was praised by many; one Instagram user even called it “life-changing.”

While Britney’s knife dance hasn’t received nearly as much acclaim, it has inspired many humorous memes. Some of the more hilarious ones are as follows: