Empowering the Automotive Aftermarket Through Collaboration

The importance of collaboration in the automotive aftermarket can’t be overstated. Distributors, manufacturers, training institutions, associations and service providers all help automotive professionals stay ahead in a market that is constantly evolving with new technologies, trends, and customer demands.

There’s no better place that fosters vital industry connections than AAPEX, held annually in Las Vegas. AAPEX serves as a nexus where industry professionals come together to forge new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments.

Training is a cornerstone of AAPEX’s offerings, reflecting its commitment to elevating the industry standards. By participating in these sessions, businesses can ensure that their teams are knowledgeable about the latest technologies, products, and best practices.

This not only helps in improving service quality but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement within organizations. Beyond training, AAPEX provides countless networking opportunities. These events enable professionals to meet new people and companies, opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships. By leveraging these opportunities, industry professionals can ensure they remain at the forefront of industry developments, driving growth and innovation in the process.

This year’s AAPEX will be in Las Vegas November 5-7, and promises to be a vital gathering for those looking to strengthen their business connections and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving aftermarket landscape.


Is it a Must-Have for Smooth Tyre Installation?

A tyre mounting lubricant is used when mounting a tyre onto a wheel rim. The lubricant helps to prevent the tyre’s beads from sitting improperly on the rim, which can cause problems with the tyre’s seal and air pressure. The lubricant also makes removing the tyre from the rim easier if necessary.

Many people believe that tyre lubricant is unnecessary and is just an extra step that is not worth the hassle. However, there are several good reasons to use a tyre mounting lubricant. Read on to understand more.

Reasons Why aTyre Mounting Lubricant Is Necessary

  • One reason to use a tyre mounting lubricant is to prevent improper bead seating. We believe that if the tyre beads are not properly seated on the rim, it can cause air leaks and other problems. The lubricant helps keep the beads in place, so they sit properly.
  • Another reason to use a tyre mounting lubricant is to make removing the tyre from the rim easier. Removing the tyre from the rim can be difficult without damage if the beads seat improperly. The lubricant helps release the bead so that it can be removed without damage.
  • Many people also use tyre mounting lubricant to prevent corrosion. The lubricant creates a barrier between the rim’s metal and the tyre’s rubber. This prevents the two materials from coming into contact with each other and corroding.

Choosing The Best Tyre Mounting Lubricant

When choosing a tyre mounting lubricant, it is important to choose one compatible with your tyres’ materials and rims. Some lubricants are not meant for use with certain materials. Choosing a lubricant that is easy to apply and spread evenly is also important.

When choosing the tyre mounting paste, you should emphasize choosing the best and apply it correctly. The most preferred tyre lubricants are made from animal fats or vegetable oils. Ideally, they should contain at least 10% solids mixed in a water-based solution and also have a corrosion inhibitor. Manufacturers ensure they are available in a ready-to-use mixture or concentrate form.

When mixing the concentrates, all the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed, and proper stirring and mixing before every use should be practiced.

The lubricants are preferred in a slippery wet texture and without a residual lubricity when they dry up. This is important in assuring that a firm bead setting is maintained even with the possibility of the tyre slipping in the event of sudden torque application, braking or acceleration.

It is important to note that using the wrong tyre mounting lubricant can damage your tyres and rims. Be sure to use a quality product from a reputable manufacturer that is designed for use on tyres. Our company has amazing vehicle care products, including the tyre mounting lubricant and the tyre mounting paste. Our products are well revered in the market and are known to make tyre mounting an easy and safe process.

Applying The Tyre Mounting Lubricant

Once you have chosen the best tyre mounting lubricant for your tyres, you need to apply it properly. Our lubricants come with instructions on how to apply them. In general, you will want to apply the lubricant to both the rim and the tyre. Using a brush, apply it evenly and cover both the inside and outside of the tyre.

After applying the lubricant, you can proceed with mounting the tyre onto the rim. Once the tyre is mounted, you can check it for proper bead seating. If everything looks good, you can proceed with inflating the tyre to the manufacturer’s indicated pressure.

If you have any problems mounting the tyre or if you see any leaks, deflate the tyre and start over. Be sure to add more lubricant if necessary

What to Avoid When Looking for A Tyre Lubricant

When looking for a tyre lubricant, ensure that you do not use petroleum-based ones. Because of their components, they can chemically attack your tyre and make it wear out easily.

It is also advisable to avoid solvent-based lubricants since they can create an explosive chemical mixture in the tyre’s air cavity because of their composition. In addition, this type of tyre lubricant may also weaken the tyre on the rubbering covering the tyre bead area.

You should also avoid using silicon-based lubricants since they cause tyre slippage around the rim. When lubricating a tyre, ensure that the lubricant does not get to the inside. The tyre must be clean and dry inside to provide the much-needed safety.

How Much Tyre Mounting Paste Should You Use On One Go?

The simple answer is not to overdo it. A small amount of tyre lubricant will go a long way. You only need to apply a thin layer to the rim and the tyre bead. The main and simple aim is to get a consistent sliding area without any material being left inside once the tyre beads are well seated.

If you are mounting multiple tyres, you can reuse the same lubricant if it is still in good condition. Add more if necessary. It is important to note that too much lubricant can be harmful. If there is too much lubricant on the bead, it can cause the tyre to slip on the rim when inflated. This can damage both the tyre and the rim.

You should also avoid using old or expired tyre lubricants. This can cause adhesion problems and may even damage your tyres and rims. It is also important to keep the tyre’s interior dry as it reduces the possibility of having contaminated materials in the tyre.

Tyre mounting lubricant is a necessary part of mounting your tyres. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the right amount, you can be sure that your tyres will be mounted properly and will last a long time.


With the right tyre lubricant and your skills, you will always enjoy mounting your tyres. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to lubricating your tyres. However, if you meticulously follow the guidelines mentioned above and use the right products related to tyre mounting lubricant from ATS ELGI – Leading Automotive Garage Equipment’s Manufacturer, you will avoid any problems that might arise during the process.


How Does Brake Skimming Work and Why It Matters for Your Vehicle’s Safety?


Brake skimming the process of skimming the brake discs of your vehicle to restore its surface. Most of the time, car owners choose ventilated discs but others choose solid discs. This service has gained popularity due to its affordability and ability to restore the brake discs.

Brake skimming can be done more than once in a brake disc’s lifetime, giving us the alternative to have the service performed regularly instead of having the brake discs replaced when we do not have to. This can be done routinely in order to prolong the lifespan of the brake disc.

Now that you know that brake skimming is essential, you need to be aware of the signs that indicate problems in your brake discs. Here are some of them:

  • The brake discs are rusty.
  • The brake pads are due for a change but the brake discs have not completely deteriorated yet.
  • The brakes squeal whenever you use it.
  • The brake judders or vibrates whenever you use it.
  • The brake reaction is delayed or bouncy.


Before actually doing the process of skimming, the garage technician will measure the brake disc and make sure that there is enough surface to be skimmed. The technician will determine the surface thickness that is workable for your brake discs by looking at the manufacturer of your vehicle.

If the surface thickness of your brake discs are too thin, the garage technician will advise you to have it replaced because you need to comply with the regulations of the manufacturers and the road safety laws. If the surface thickness of your brake discs are thick enough to be worked on, the technician will go ahead and skim your discs.

There are many perks for opting brake skimming. Here are some of the issues it can solve:


  • It can stop your brakes from squealing.
  • It can stop existing corrosion issues in your discs.
  • It can help you prepare for MOT tests by enhancing your vehicle’s brake efficiency.
  • It can remove the worn lip on your disc caused by repeated braking.
  • It can remove particles, rust and dust that might interfere with your vehicle’s capacity to brake.
  • It can solve the vibration issues of your brake system.
  • It can help you save money when servicing your vehicle.
  • It can keep your brake system from squeaking, squealing, juddering or pulsating.
  • It can remove friction debris or material that has been embedded into the brake disc.
  • It can enhance the performance of your brake system and keep you safe while driving.
  • It will give you an observable improvement in the performance of your brake system.
  • It can offer you the most favorable braking whenever you change the brake pads.


Understanding how brake skimming works is pivotal for every vehicle owner concerned about safety and optimal performance. If you are looking for the best wheel service equipment’s for your own garage – ATS ELGI offers you the best solution you need. Instead, looking for the best service for your vehicle, then look no more. Reach out to your nearby ATS ELGI equipped Wheel Service center to skimming your brake drum and discs for a smooth and safe drive.


The Wonders of Automatic Bus Washing Machines

As the transportation industry evolves, innovation has revolutionized various aspects of vehicle maintenance, including the cleaning processes. One such groundbreaking advancement is the introduction of automatic bus washing machines, heralding a new era in efficient, environmentally friendly, and thorough bus cleaning solutions

Evolution of Bus Cleaning : Traditionally, washing buses was a labour-intensive task involving manual labour, often consuming a significant amount of time and water. The arrival of automatic bus washing machines has transformed this scenario, offering a range of benefits that not only streamline the cleaning process but also improve the overall maintenance of these vehicles.

Key Features and Advantages:

Efficiency and Time-Saving : Automatic bus washing machines significantly reduce the time required to clean a bus compared to manual methods. With automated systems, buses can be washed thoroughly and efficiently in a fraction of the time it would take with manual cleaning.

Water Conservation: These machines are designed with water conservation in mind. They utilize advanced technologies such as water recycling and precise water jets, minimizing water wastage while ensuring a thorough clean.

Environmentally Friendly: By using fewer resources and reducing the environmental impact, automatic bus wash systems align with sustainability goals. Some systems even incorporate biodegradable detergents, further contributing to eco-friendly practices.

Adaptability and Customization: These machines come with various settings and options to accommodate different bus sizes and shapes. Their flexibility allows for customization based on the specific cleaning requirements of different types of buses.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques : Utilizing optimized water jets, brushes, and advanced cleaning solutions, these machines can effectively remove stubborn dirt, grime, and pollutants from the bus exteriors.

Safety Measures : Automatic systems prioritize safety by minimizing manual involvement, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries that could occur during traditional manual washing methods.

How Automatic Bus Washing Machines Work:

These machines typically consist of multiple stages. They start with a pre-wash to remove loose dirt, followed by the application of cleaning solutions. Then, the main washing process begins, incorporating pressurized water jets and brushes to thoroughly clean the entire bus. Finally, a rinse cycle ensures a sparkling finish, often followed by a drying phase.


Automatic bus washing machines represent a leap forward in vehicle maintenance technology. Their efficiency, eco-friendliness, and ability to provide a consistent, high-quality clean make them an invaluable asset in the transportation industry. As advancements continue, these machines will likely evolve further, offering even more sophisticated features to meet the growing demands of the industry while continuing to prioritize sustainability and effectiveness.


AtsElgi introduces the pinnacle of efficiency and convenience in bus care: our cutting edge automatic bus washer, designed to redefine cleanliness, speed, and ease in maintaining your fleet. The product is ideal for washing of all types of both buses. It is capable of washing buses up to 15 metres in length, 2.9 metres in width and 4 metres in height.

The product is set to dramatically improve the efficiency of workshops. At present, it takes at least 4-5 staff and 15-30 minutes to wash a bus manually. Manual washing of a bus also consumes 400-600 litres of water

Now, with the automatic bus washer, a workshop can accomplish the task in 4-7 minutes with only 100-250 litres of water and reduced staff.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website at


Investing in Excellence:Guide to Choose the Right Equipment for Car Wash Centre

Selecting the right equipment is crucial when starting a car wash centre. The quality and efficiency of your equipment will directly impact your business’s success. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing equipment for car wash centre.

Assess Your Business Model : Determine the type of car wash centre you plan to operate. Will it be an automatic drive-through car wash, or a full-service car wash that includes manual cleaning by attendants? Your choice will significantly influence the equipment you need.

Quality and Reliability

Invest in high-quality, reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers. Equipment durability and performance are critical, as they directly impact your business’s operation and customer satisfaction

Water Efficiency : Choose equipment that is water-efficient. Water recycling systems and high-pressure washers that minimize water usage will not only save resources but also reduce operating costs.

Pressure Washers : For high-pressure washers, consider the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons per Minute) ratings. The appropriate PSI and GPM will depend on the types of services you plan to offer. For example, a lower PSI may be suitable for car washing, while a higher PSI may be required for heavy-duty cleaning.

Vacuum Systems : If your car wash centre includes interior cleaning services, invest in high-quality vacuum systems. Ensure the equipment for car wash centre have sufficient suction power and appropriate attachments for thorough cleaning.

Chemical and Soap Dispensers : Select dispensers that are reliable and easy to use. They should accurately dispense cleaning solutions and detergents for different cleaning tasks. Consider eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products to minimize environmental impact.

Nozzles and Spray Wands : High-pressure washer systems often come with interchangeable nozzles and spray wands. Choose equipment with a variety of nozzle options to cater to different cleaning needs, from delicate car surfaces to tougher jobs like driveways and decks.

Water Filtration and Recycling : Implement efficient water filtration and recycling systems to reduce water wastage and ensure you have a consistent supply of clean water for your car wash operations

Drying Systems: If you offer a full-service car wash, drying systems can enhance customer satisfaction. Choose effective air drying or towel drying systems for a polished finish.

Maintenance and Support : Consider the availability of maintenance and support services from the equipment manufacturer or distributor. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your equipment in optimal working condition.

Compliance and Safety : Ensure that the equipment meets safety standards and complies with local regulations. Regular safety checks and maintenance are crucial for the safety of your customers and staff.

Warranty : Look for equipment with a good warranty to provide peace of mind in case of defects or malfunctions.

Scalability : Consider how easily you can scale up your equipment as your business grows. Can you add more bays, vacuum systems, or other equipment to meet increasing demand?

Cost Analysis : While quality is essential, also perform a cost-benefit analysis to ensure your equipment choices align with your budget and revenue projections.

By carefully considering these guidelines and consulting with industry experts, you can make informed decisions when selecting equipment for car wash centre, ensuring that it’s well-equipped to meet customer needs and operate efficiently.


With ATS Elgi’s “One Stop Shop” approach, we offer the widest range of garage equipment in the country. Working closely with Authorised OEM workshops and Private Garages compliments our profound understanding of the vehicle servicing business for more than 60 years. This helps us to become and remain the preferred supplier of our customers

We at ATS Elgi have launched and introduced new age Automotive High Pressure Washers, Steam Washers, Vacuum cleaners which can meet all your car wash applications.

Offering excellent customer care shows that our business with every customer is reliable and consistent over time. Regular training sessions and formal recognition of our representatives who have done a particularly good job dealing with customers make us more dependable when it comes to customer service. We also conduct surveys and speak with customers on an informal basis about what we could do to improve service or go the extra mile.




Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly method that uses only water and heat to clean. It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, reducing environmental impact and minimizing toxic runoff into water systems.

Efficient Cleaning

Steam’s high temperature and pressure effectively break down and dissolve dirt, grease, and grime. It can reach and clean even hard-to-reach areas, such as crevices, vents, and seams, ensuring a thorough clean.

Sanitizes and Disinfects

Steam’s high temperature kills bacteria, germs, and dust mites, making it an excellent choice for sanitizing and disinfecting the interior surfaces of a car. This is particularly important for health and safety, especially during pandemic times.

Stain Removal

Steam cleaning is effective at removing stubborn stains on carpets, upholstery, and leather seats. It can also tackle beverage spills, pet stains, and other hard-to-remove marks.

No Residue

Since steam cleaning doesn’t use chemicals, it leaves no residue behind. This means your car’s interior won’t be left with chemical odours or sticky surfaces.

Gentle on Surfaces

Steam cleaning is gentle on car surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, and upholstery. It won’t cause scratches, fading, or damage when used correctly.

Conserves Water

Steam cleaning uses minimal water compared to traditional methods like hose and bucket washing, making it water-efficient.

Quick Drying

Because steam cleaning uses minimal water and dries quickly, it reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth in your car’s interior.


While the initial cost of a steam cleaner may be higher, it can be cost-effective in the long run due to reduced chemical and cleaning product expenses


Steam cleaners come with various attachments and nozzles for different cleaning tasks. They can clean dashboards, vents, upholstery, carpets, and even engine compartments.

Allergen Reduction

Steam cleaning effectively removes allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, which is especially beneficial for those with allergies.

Interior Refresh

Steam cleaning can rejuvenate and refresh the interior of your car, leaving it looking and smelling clean and new.

Enhances Vehicle Value

Regular steam cleaning can help maintain your car’s interior in excellent condition, potentially increasing its resale or trade-in value.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, steam cleaning in car maintenance is a versatile and environmentally friendly option that provides a range of benefits, from thorough cleaning and disinfection to improved air quality in the car’s interior. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply looking for an effective and eco-conscious way to maintain your vehicle, steam cleaning is a valuable method to consider.


Steam Power : Our 6-bar (87 psi) operating pressure and up to 56 gr/min steam output ensures outstanding professional results.

Unlimited Steam : Never stop steaming.ATS ElgiCompactoSteam heats up in only 6 minutes and with CSS technology you will never run out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Simply refill the water tank when the water level is low and away you go

Steam and Hot rinse setting: ATS ElgiCompacto Steam features EMC2 technology that helps prevent scale build-up in the steamer and makes water softer leaving no residue on cleaned surfaces. EMC2 technology is a powerful magnetically charged ‘filter’ that converts the molecular structure of larger minerals found in tap water (like calcium), into smaller ‘crystallized’ molecules.


Comprehending Battery Tester and Choice of Selection – ATS ELGI


Battery replacement is a frequent repair carried out by technicians in the automotive service and repair sector. Each car is equipped with a 12-volt battery, while many trucks and large machinery also use 12- or 24-volt batteries. Having a working battery is crucial because without it, using the device becomes challenging or even impossible.

A Battery Tester is useful in this situation. A battery capacity tester or deep cycle battery tester can assess the condition of your battery and make sure it is working at its best in this Blog. In this article, we will examine battery testers, their functionality, and their practically.


A battery tester is an instrument that assesses the voltage, current, and various factors of a battery. It is also capable of determining the leftover energy of the battery. There is a variety of battery testers, from basic handheld devices to advanced lab-quality versions. Some testers are made for certain kinds of batteries, whereas others can analyse a variety of batteries. Battery testers are useful tools for individuals, businesses, and organizations that depend on batteries.

How battery tester work

Battery performance is measured by battery testers using a range of methods. Some testers utilize conductance testing to measure the battery’s resistance to electrical currents. Different testers employ impedance testing, a method that evaluates the internal resistance of the battery. Certain testers employ load testing to imitate a load on the battery to assess its performance under pressure. However, some people utilize pulse testing, a method that involves sending brief bursts of energy to the battery while analysing its reaction. Every technique has its pros and cons, and the selection of tester relies on the particular use case.

Why battery testers are useful.

There are various benefits to using battery testers. Initially, they assist in prolonging the lifespan of batteries by detecting issues at an early stage. Regular battery testing allows for the identification of problems such as decreased voltage, elevated internal resistance, and other performance-related issues. Battery testers can help you save both time and money as they prevent unnecessary battery replacements. If a tester indicates that a battery still has many hours of use remaining, you can postpone purchasing a replacement. Ultimately, batteries aid in ensuring safety by avoiding overcharging and undercharging, which may harm batteries and create safety risks.

Choosing the right battery tester for your needs

When deciding on a battery tester, it is important to take into account various factors. To begin with, analyse the different kinds of batteries you will be testing. Certain testers are meant for battery types, while others can examine a variety of batteries. Next, consider the requirements for your testing. Do you require a portable device for checking batteries while traveling, or a higher-quality one for taking accurate readings in a laboratory setting? Next, consider your financial plan. Battery testers may vary in price from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, depending on their complexity and features.

Here is your solution for BATTERY TESTER


The MDX-600 Series is the first tester at entry level that allows you to service every 12-volt vehicle battery that comes into your workshop and gives a reliable result that allows you to advise your customers.

SAFE to use anywhere, even in front of the customer.

FAST & ACCURATE testing of the battery or electrical system in few minutes
SIMPLE proven user interface eliminates guesswork and user error to provide an accurate every time.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple vehicle applications, Battery types and Rating systems
  • Large back-lit screen and improved user interface
  • Integrated printer option
  • Improved removable cable design.
  • Field replaceable cables
  • Reverse Polarity Protection


In conclusion, understanding the functionality and importance of battery testers is crucial for making informed choices in maintaining and optimizing your batteries’ performance. Being the leading Garage Equipment’s Manufacturer, we offer you the complete Vehicle Battery Management solution you need. Reach us at 1800 203 3544 for enquiries and visit us at www.ats-elgi.com for more product updates.



Unlocking Sustainability: The Power of Water Recycling

In the quest for sustainable living, water recycling emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a myriad of benefits that extend beyond conserving a precious resource. This transformative practice not only addresses water scarcity but also plays a pivotal role in environmental preservation, economic efficiency, and fostering resilient communities.

Conserving Nature’s Elixir : At the heart of water recycling lies the profound impact on water conservation. By treating and reusing wastewater, we significantly reduce the strain on our natural water sources. This isn’t merely about meeting today’s needs; it’s about ensuring a sustainable water future for generations to come.

Environmental Guardianship : Water recycling system stands as a guardian of our environment. The process involves meticulous treatment, preventing the release of harmful pollutants into rivers and oceans. The result? Cleaner waterways, healthier ecosystems, and a tangible contribution to the global fight against water pollution.

Tackling Water Scarcity Head-On : In regions grappling with water scarcity, water wash water recycling system emerges as a lifeline. By providing an additional source of water, it mitigates the impact of droughts and population growth, offering a sustainable solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Economic Efficiency Unleashed : Industries are discovering that economic efficiency goes hand in hand with water recycling. By incorporating recycled water into their processes, businesses not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective industrial landscape.

Building Climate Resilience : As climate change brings about more frequent and intense water-related challenges, water recycling stands resilient. This practice provides a stable alternative water source during periods of scarcity, contributing to the overall climate resilience of communities.

Community Health and Well-being : Clean water is fundamental to human health, and water recycling plays a vital role in ensuring access to safe and uncontaminated water. By preventing pollution and protecting water sources, it becomes a cornerstone for the health and well-being of communities.

Energizing Sustainability : The energy savings associated with water recycling should not be overlooked. Treating and recycling water often demands less energy compared to traditional water sourcing and transportation methods, aligning with broader efforts for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Balancing Act for Ecosystems : Water recycling doesn’t just stop at human benefits; it extends to our natural ecosystems. Controlled discharge of treated wastewater supports biodiversity, creating a delicate but crucial balance between human activities and the environment.

In conclusion, wash water recycling plant/ system is not just a practical solution; it’s a powerful commitment to sustainability. As we embrace this transformative practice, we take a significant stride towards a future where water is not merely a resource to be consumed but a legacy to be preserved for generations to come. Water recycling isn’t just a process; it’s a promise – a promise to build a more sustainable and resilient world.

Unlocking Sustainability: The Key from ATS ELGI

ATS ELGI’s evolution over 5 decades in the washing equipment has always been a conscious effort to manage and reduce water consumption for washing vehicles. To compliment this, ATS ELGI is proud to launch AQUA-R – Vehicle wash water recycling plant , which has limitless recycling capabilities and zero discharge of waste water

For more information on the product please visit


Importance of Nitrogen in Tyres and its Benefits

Why Nitrogen in Tyres?

Considering the fact of Nitrogen in tyres, there are some little percent of Nitrogen will be present in the tyre, even though when we fill the normal compressed air in the local petrol pump station.

Because that is the compressed version of the atmospheric air, which we breathe. This is Oxygen, which has the mixture of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, Water vapor, CO2 with the mix of neon gases such as Argon and Neon. Nitrogen can be generated in pure, without the mix of oxygen, with the maximum purity of around 95%.

Why Nitrogen Inflation in Tyres is Considered as Safe?

There are many cases, in which the usage of Nitrogen in tyres is safe and compatible.

For example, race cars use Nitrogen in tyres, for avoiding the moisture. Because normal compressed air consists of the little amount of water, so at the time stopping, it may lead to the potential explosion.

In case of Aircraft tyres, same water is present as the droplets inside the tyre, when it is filled with compressed air, at the time of landing. So, in both the Race cars and Aircrafts, stopping creates the extreme hot temperatures, in which that water droplets are converted into vapor. This causes the tyre to get expand and explode. This happens, only because of the reason that oxygen is highly flammable.

The purest form of Nitrogen is highly non-flammable, because it doesn’t consist of water, so this is the reason they are highly used in Aviation industry and High-performance cars, Nitrogen plays a major role in High Performance cars, as it has highly flammable conditions, while racing. When the tyres are filled with Nitrogen, explosions can be easily avoided, while crashing.

The Core Importance of Nitrogen:

When we use the compressed air, the oxygen content oxidises faster, and leaks through the rubber tyre, that leads to the tyre getting under inflated, whereas Nitrogen in tyres has its ability to maintain the pressure in the tyres.

The main reason is that the Nitrogen has the molecules, which are larger than the Oxygen Molecules, that makes harder for Nitrogen to passing through the rubber tyre. So, Nitrogen filled tyres leaks three to four time slower than the compressed air filled tyres.

The tyre which is inflated with the incorrect pressure, is very dangerous, in which it will reduce the grip and the ability to control your car. Even a partially inflated tyres leads to reduction, when come to the capacity ofoverriding the water. If the tyre cannot be able to override the water, you have zero control over the car.

Under inflated tyres gets weared faster, which leads to the changing of tyres in the low interval of time, tyre lifespan gets reduced, when filled with compressed air. But Nitrogen filled tyres maintain the pressure indefinitely. Nitrogen filled Tyres, can be checked once in a while, as the nitrogen won’t leak from the tyres in any way, which is particularly good for people with busy lifestyles, or for absent minded individuals, who only remember to check the pressure, once in a while.

Benefits of Nitrogen Gas in Tyres:

  • Reduces Running Temperature : Nitrogen helps us to enhance the tyre life, by reducing the running temperature, because of absence of water in the same.
  • Increases Tyre Life The Tyre Wear is loosely depending on the Tyre Temperature. So, the Nitrogen, been reducing the high temperature in tyres, that eliminates the wear happenings. So, Nitrogen in tyres increases its life.
  • Stable Temperature than Normal Air : If there are any temperature rise is happening in the Nitrogen filled tyres, in a rare case, it remains moderate during the heat cycle, which results in the longer tyre life, this proves the Nitrogen is more stable than the normal compressed air.
  • Can operate in Higher Temperatures : When Tyre pressure increases in the high temperatures, gives the stable pressure range, if the tyre is filled with Nitrogen. So, the tyre explosion in high temperature is completely eliminated.
  • No Rusting : Nitrogen does not react with any metal components like wheel rim, which eliminates the chances of rusting, whereas tyres filled with compressed air will react with the moisture inside the tyres and causes oxidation.
  • Enhances Fuel Efficiency : Nitrogen, when compared with the compressed air, escapes slower and retains the tyre pressure for long. Compressed air escapes faster, leads to the reduction of tyre pressure, that causes stress in the engine and the fuel economy drops. Nitrogen has a positive impact on the fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Improves Ride Quality :Nitrogen makes for the comfortable ride, due to the optimum pressure retained, especially when you drive at high-speeds on highways.
  • Safer Tyres : The Pressure range remains stable in the Nitrogen filled tyres than the compressed air, so this shows that the Nitrogen is safer than the normal compressed air.
  • The Pressure range may be unstable in a normal compressed air filled tyre, when the temperature is too cold or hot. If the temperature is too high, the tyre pressure may increase dramatically, and the tyre may explode, whereas Nitrogen eliminates all the complications.



A Deep Dive into the Types of Pneumatic Tools and its Benefits

Introduction to Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Technology is the combination of compressed air and pressurized gas to simulate an end effector to accomplish the process done. Pneumatic Tools are also known as Air Tools, which are powered by compressed air. There are different types of Pneumatic tools, which are driven by compressed carbon dioxide stored in small cylinders, designed for the portable applications.

Most of the Pneumatic Tools consists of Pneumatic Motors for converting the compressed air. They are also known for their high power to weight ratio, less contact with the short circuits, and also during tool jamming, self-destructing behavior is eliminated. They are very user-friendly, and no need of following the elaborate process for maintenance.



Drills can also be used for both fastening and boring, and it can be made work, by assembling the drill power equipment with the air compressor hose. Such tool resembles the electric pistol, in which its grip reminds the same, rather uses compressed air than the electric motor, for the rotating motion.


Pneumatic Grinders are mostly used for the cutting and grinding process, and also sometimes used for the polishing process. It works based on the rotary force transferred to the cutting or grinding disc attached with the grinder. Machine can be handled by the bare hands, based on the operation we are carrying out.


Nail Guns are used in the process of riveting, which can be done in the building walls, packing materials, wood works and other carpentry works, nail guns can be operated and carrying out the work to be done will be very easier.


Sanders are mostly used for roughing and finishing the metal surface, it runs in both the forward and reverse direction, which helps in the very minimal material removal. Rotating in both the direction, will be operated just by the single switch of On or Off. Even some of the operations can be done, by using the abrasive paper, pasted in the rotating surface.


Pneumatic Screw Guns helps the operators with the work done, by just pulling the single trigger every time. Screwing made a way easier by using a compressed air than a manual process. Screw Guns are mostly used in wood works, wall works and other carpentry works.


Pneumatic Wrenches are the majorly used in Automotive and Industrial sectors, in which its variants are the usage of the different sockets, based on the application and the Tool size. The Sockets spins with the help of rotary force, and also pneumatic wrenches have torque adjustment options.


The pneumatic reciprocating saw uses the compressed air for the cutting blade to be moved in back and forth directions, for cutting the materials. So, this tool is mainly used in Plumbing and PVC materials, wood works, doors and windows fitting, cutting branches and cutting through nails.


Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench is specially designed for operating in very limited or narrow work spaces. It allows the operator to control the speed and power level, because it is assembled with a built-in power regulator. Also, it has different variants, similar to the wrenches, based on the different types of sockets.


Some of our ATS-ELGI Pneumatic Tool Products are added below.

So, the success of the Pneumatic Tools in the market relies based on its efficient way of working and compressed air is the best alternative source of energy, when compared to battery and other external power sources, in which it applies to both the commercial and residential area.