A Deep Dive into the Types of Pneumatic Tools and its Benefits

A Deep Dive into the Types of Pneumatic Tools and its Benefits

Introduction to Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Technology is the combination of compressed air and pressurized gas to simulate an end effector to accomplish the process done. Pneumatic Tools are also known as Air Tools, which are powered by compressed air. There are different types of Pneumatic tools, which are driven by compressed carbon dioxide stored in small cylinders, designed for the portable applications.

Most of the Pneumatic Tools consists of Pneumatic Motors for converting the compressed air. They are also known for their high power to weight ratio, less contact with the short circuits, and also during tool jamming, self-destructing behavior is eliminated. They are very user-friendly, and no need of following the elaborate process for maintenance.



Drills can also be used for both fastening and boring, and it can be made work, by assembling the drill power equipment with the air compressor hose. Such tool resembles the electric pistol, in which its grip reminds the same, rather uses compressed air than the electric motor, for the rotating motion.


Pneumatic Grinders are mostly used for the cutting and grinding process, and also sometimes used for the polishing process. It works based on the rotary force transferred to the cutting or grinding disc attached with the grinder. Machine can be handled by the bare hands, based on the operation we are carrying out.


Nail Guns are used in the process of riveting, which can be done in the building walls, packing materials, wood works and other carpentry works, nail guns can be operated and carrying out the work to be done will be very easier.


Sanders are mostly used for roughing and finishing the metal surface, it runs in both the forward and reverse direction, which helps in the very minimal material removal. Rotating in both the direction, will be operated just by the single switch of On or Off. Even some of the operations can be done, by using the abrasive paper, pasted in the rotating surface.


Pneumatic Screw Guns helps the operators with the work done, by just pulling the single trigger every time. Screwing made a way easier by using a compressed air than a manual process. Screw Guns are mostly used in wood works, wall works and other carpentry works.


Pneumatic Wrenches are the majorly used in Automotive and Industrial sectors, in which its variants are the usage of the different sockets, based on the application and the Tool size. The Sockets spins with the help of rotary force, and also pneumatic wrenches have torque adjustment options.


The pneumatic reciprocating saw uses the compressed air for the cutting blade to be moved in back and forth directions, for cutting the materials. So, this tool is mainly used in Plumbing and PVC materials, wood works, doors and windows fitting, cutting branches and cutting through nails.


Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench is specially designed for operating in very limited or narrow work spaces. It allows the operator to control the speed and power level, because it is assembled with a built-in power regulator. Also, it has different variants, similar to the wrenches, based on the different types of sockets.


Some of our ATS-ELGI Pneumatic Tool Products are added below.

So, the success of the Pneumatic Tools in the market relies based on its efficient way of working and compressed air is the best alternative source of energy, when compared to battery and other external power sources, in which it applies to both the commercial and residential area.



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