Comprehending Battery Tester and Choice of Selection – ATS ELGI

Comprehending Battery Tester and Choice of Selection – ATS ELGI


Battery replacement is a frequent repair carried out by technicians in the automotive service and repair sector. Each car is equipped with a 12-volt battery, while many trucks and large machinery also use 12- or 24-volt batteries. Having a working battery is crucial because without it, using the device becomes challenging or even impossible.

A Battery Tester is useful in this situation. A battery capacity tester or deep cycle battery tester can assess the condition of your battery and make sure it is working at its best in this Blog. In this article, we will examine battery testers, their functionality, and their practically.


A battery tester is an instrument that assesses the voltage, current, and various factors of a battery. It is also capable of determining the leftover energy of the battery. There is a variety of battery testers, from basic handheld devices to advanced lab-quality versions. Some testers are made for certain kinds of batteries, whereas others can analyse a variety of batteries. Battery testers are useful tools for individuals, businesses, and organizations that depend on batteries.

How battery tester work

Battery performance is measured by battery testers using a range of methods. Some testers utilize conductance testing to measure the battery’s resistance to electrical currents. Different testers employ impedance testing, a method that evaluates the internal resistance of the battery. Certain testers employ load testing to imitate a load on the battery to assess its performance under pressure. However, some people utilize pulse testing, a method that involves sending brief bursts of energy to the battery while analysing its reaction. Every technique has its pros and cons, and the selection of tester relies on the particular use case.

Why battery testers are useful.

There are various benefits to using battery testers. Initially, they assist in prolonging the lifespan of batteries by detecting issues at an early stage. Regular battery testing allows for the identification of problems such as decreased voltage, elevated internal resistance, and other performance-related issues. Battery testers can help you save both time and money as they prevent unnecessary battery replacements. If a tester indicates that a battery still has many hours of use remaining, you can postpone purchasing a replacement. Ultimately, batteries aid in ensuring safety by avoiding overcharging and undercharging, which may harm batteries and create safety risks.

Choosing the right battery tester for your needs

When deciding on a battery tester, it is important to take into account various factors. To begin with, analyse the different kinds of batteries you will be testing. Certain testers are meant for battery types, while others can examine a variety of batteries. Next, consider the requirements for your testing. Do you require a portable device for checking batteries while traveling, or a higher-quality one for taking accurate readings in a laboratory setting? Next, consider your financial plan. Battery testers may vary in price from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, depending on their complexity and features.

Here is your solution for BATTERY TESTER


The MDX-600 Series is the first tester at entry level that allows you to service every 12-volt vehicle battery that comes into your workshop and gives a reliable result that allows you to advise your customers.

SAFE to use anywhere, even in front of the customer.

FAST & ACCURATE testing of the battery or electrical system in few minutes
SIMPLE proven user interface eliminates guesswork and user error to provide an accurate every time.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple vehicle applications, Battery types and Rating systems
  • Large back-lit screen and improved user interface
  • Integrated printer option
  • Improved removable cable design.
  • Field replaceable cables
  • Reverse Polarity Protection


In conclusion, understanding the functionality and importance of battery testers is crucial for making informed choices in maintaining and optimizing your batteries’ performance. Being the leading Garage Equipment’s Manufacturer, we offer you the complete Vehicle Battery Management solution you need. Reach us at 1800 203 3544 for enquiries and visit us at for more product updates.



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