Understanding Collision Repair System: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Collision Repair System: A Comprehensive Guide

Chapter 1: About Autorobot – Collision Repair System (CRS)

Outstanding Results to Car Body Repair Work

Collision repair system is versatile and universal equipment used for car body repairs. These systems are equipped
with drive-on ramps and a scissor lift, making car fastening quick and easy. The structure of the straightening bed is
specially designed to provide easy access to the vehicle chassis for tasks such as straightening, measurements,
re-assembly, servicing, and other repair jobs on the car.

About Collision Repair

What is the advantage of repair?

Replacement costs can be significantly reduced by restoring worn components rather than replacing them. This is
especially the case when the damage or wear is limited in areas(as OEM recommended).

The future of collision repair hinges upon the capacity of industry professionals to innovate and enhance the
quality, integrity, and durability of components. Crash repair experts must also continue in their quest for
innovation to assist customers in economizing while acquiring newer, technologically advanced vehicles. Through
progress and innovation, collision repair professionals will persist in reshaping how consumers perceive the
automotive industry.

Chapter 2: Collision Repair System – Damage Assessment & Inspection

Factors of Damage Assessment

Importance of Crumble Zone

To absorb the impact energy, the distorsion areas are made of integrated zones which can fold in case of
damage called as Crumble Zone

Remember that loading a car into a crash repair system should be done by trained professionals who are familiar with
the specific equipment and safety protocols in the repair shop. Safety is paramount, both for the personnel involved
and for the vehicle being repaired

Begin Repairs :

  • With the car securely loaded on the repair system, you can now start the necessary repair work, which may
    include straightening the frame, replacing damaged parts, and refinishing the vehicle.

Chapter 4: Features & Benefits of Collision Repair System


  • Lifting Bench : Powered with 10 Ton capacity pneumatically operated hydraulic pump with locking provision
    and wheels.
  • Ramps : Galvanized panels with stands and it is detachable.
  • Bench : Powder coated MS material and can be detached.
  • Pulling tower : Made of special aluminum can be fixed all around the bench and from each point it can cover
    70 % of the vehicle.
  • Sill clamps : By tightening single bolt it will hold the car and also itself gets tightened to the bench.
  • Pulling tower pump : Pneumatically operated, Hydraulic pump of 10 ton capacity.


  • Save time
  • More rotation of funds
  • Customer delighted
  • There is less fatigue
  • Technician desire

Chapter 5: Collision Repair System – Application


  • Sideways Pulling
  • Upward Pulling
  • Downward Pulling

Autorobot Crash repair system is ready for quick pulls to all directions (sideways, upwards/downwards).

The “pulling process” in the context of a crash repair system typically refers to a part of the repair process where
damaged or misaligned vehicle components, particularly the frame or structural elements, are realigned or “pulled”
back into their proper position. This process is essential in collision repair to ensure that the vehicle’s structural
integrity and alignment are restored to OE specifications.

  • Assessment : The first step in the pulling process is to thoroughly assess the extent of the damage.
    Technicians use various tools and measuring equipment to determine the misalignment and damage to the vehicle’s
    frame and structure.
  • Frame Straightening : If the frame or structural components are damaged or misaligned, the repair
    facility will use specialized equipment such as frame racks and hydraulic pulling systems to gently and precisely
    apply force to straighten and reshape the damaged areas. This can involve pulling, pushing, and bending the metal to
    return it to its original shape.
  • Mounting and Clamping : The damaged vehicle is securely fixed to the frame rack or pulling system using
    specialized clamps and fixtures to prevent any movement during the pulling process. This ensures that the force
    applied is directed precisely to the damaged areas.
  • Pulling and Measuring : Technicians use hydraulic pulling tools and measuring systems to carefully apply
    force to specific points on the damaged components. During this process, they continually measure and check the
    alignment of the vehicle to ensure it matches the OE specifications.
  • Verification : Once the pulling process is completed, technicians verify that the vehicle’s structure is
    aligned correctly. They use measuring systems and alignment equipment to ensure that the repaired components match
    the OE specifications.

The pulling process is a critical step in collision repair, as it helps ensure the structural integrity and safety
of the vehicle. Skilled technicians with specialized training and equipment are typically responsible for performing
this task to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

Chapter 6: Measuring System

Measuring system assists you with chassis and upper body straightening work by telling the direction and extent of

Why Measuring System?

Measuring tools are crucial in an automotive workshop as parts must meet specific tolerances to ensure proper
functionality and durability under various stresses.

The measuring system in a body shop serves several important purposes:-

Accurate Repair Assessment :

Measuring systems help assess the extent of damage to vehicles involved in accidents or collisions. By precisely
measuring dimensions and alignments, technicians can determine the areas that require repair or replacement.

Alignment Verification :

These systems ensure that repaired or replaced components are aligned correctly with the vehicle’s original
specifications. This is crucial for maintaining structural integrity, safety, and overall performance.

Quality Control :

Measuring systems aid in quality control by verifying that repairs meet original manufacturer specifications(OEM).
This helps ensure that vehicles leaving the bodyshop are safe and adhere OEM dimensions.

Enhanced Efficiency :

Utilizing measuring systems can streamline repair processes by providing technicians with accurate data upfront,
reducing the need for trial and error during repairs. This efficiency can lead to faster turnaround times for

Customer Satisfaction :

By using precise measuring systems, Bodyshop can deliver high-quality repairs that meets exceed customer
expectations. This can enhance customer satisfaction and reputation, leading to repeat business and positive

Overall, the measuring system in a body shop plays a vital role in ensuring accurate, efficient, and high-quality
repairs, ultimately benefiting both the users.

Chapter 7: 3D Measuring System

3D Measuring system can measure three surfaces; length, width, and height.

3D Measuring system is an advanced measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition
and for damage documentation.

With Autorobot’ s easy-to-use measuring system car chassis and body measuring is very efficient. Mechanical 3D
measuring system consists of the mechanical device for car chassis and of the measuring arch moving over entire
car body.


Chapter 8: 2D Measuring System

2D Measuring system can measure two surfaces; length and width

Two dimensional or 2D shapes do not have any thickness.

Measuring tram is an advanced 2D measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and
for damage documentation. The new tram can be used for 2D measuring in all kinds of surroundings.

What is a tram gauge used for?

Tram instruments are essential tools for evaluating collision damage in unibody cars and for verifying critical
measurements during repairs. They are versatile tools used to check dimensions between control points on suspension
and mechanical components.


In this blog chapters, we had gone through collision repair system & measuring system from Autorobot.

Application and usage with key features makes Autorobot bench unique from others.


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