Importance of Nitrogen in Tyres and its Benefits

Importance of Nitrogen in Tyres and its Benefits

Why Nitrogen in Tyres?

Considering the fact of Nitrogen in tyres, there are some little percent of Nitrogen will be present in the tyre, even though when we fill the normal compressed air in the local petrol pump station.

Because that is the compressed version of the atmospheric air, which we breathe. This is Oxygen, which has the mixture of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, Water vapor, CO2 with the mix of neon gases such as Argon and Neon. Nitrogen can be generated in pure, without the mix of oxygen, with the maximum purity of around 95%.

Why Nitrogen Inflation in Tyres is Considered as Safe?

There are many cases, in which the usage of Nitrogen in tyres is safe and compatible.

For example, race cars use Nitrogen in tyres, for avoiding the moisture. Because normal compressed air consists of the little amount of water, so at the time stopping, it may lead to the potential explosion.

In case of Aircraft tyres, same water is present as the droplets inside the tyre, when it is filled with compressed air, at the time of landing. So, in both the Race cars and Aircrafts, stopping creates the extreme hot temperatures, in which that water droplets are converted into vapor. This causes the tyre to get expand and explode. This happens, only because of the reason that oxygen is highly flammable.

The purest form of Nitrogen is highly non-flammable, because it doesn’t consist of water, so this is the reason they are highly used in Aviation industry and High-performance cars, Nitrogen plays a major role in High Performance cars, as it has highly flammable conditions, while racing. When the tyres are filled with Nitrogen, explosions can be easily avoided, while crashing.

The Core Importance of Nitrogen:

When we use the compressed air, the oxygen content oxidises faster, and leaks through the rubber tyre, that leads to the tyre getting under inflated, whereas Nitrogen in tyres has its ability to maintain the pressure in the tyres.

The main reason is that the Nitrogen has the molecules, which are larger than the Oxygen Molecules, that makes harder for Nitrogen to passing through the rubber tyre. So, Nitrogen filled tyres leaks three to four time slower than the compressed air filled tyres.

The tyre which is inflated with the incorrect pressure, is very dangerous, in which it will reduce the grip and the ability to control your car. Even a partially inflated tyres leads to reduction, when come to the capacity ofoverriding the water. If the tyre cannot be able to override the water, you have zero control over the car.

Under inflated tyres gets weared faster, which leads to the changing of tyres in the low interval of time, tyre lifespan gets reduced, when filled with compressed air. But Nitrogen filled tyres maintain the pressure indefinitely. Nitrogen filled Tyres, can be checked once in a while, as the nitrogen won’t leak from the tyres in any way, which is particularly good for people with busy lifestyles, or for absent minded individuals, who only remember to check the pressure, once in a while.

Benefits of Nitrogen Gas in Tyres:

  • Reduces Running Temperature : Nitrogen helps us to enhance the tyre life, by reducing the running temperature, because of absence of water in the same.
  • Increases Tyre Life The Tyre Wear is loosely depending on the Tyre Temperature. So, the Nitrogen, been reducing the high temperature in tyres, that eliminates the wear happenings. So, Nitrogen in tyres increases its life.
  • Stable Temperature than Normal Air : If there are any temperature rise is happening in the Nitrogen filled tyres, in a rare case, it remains moderate during the heat cycle, which results in the longer tyre life, this proves the Nitrogen is more stable than the normal compressed air.
  • Can operate in Higher Temperatures : When Tyre pressure increases in the high temperatures, gives the stable pressure range, if the tyre is filled with Nitrogen. So, the tyre explosion in high temperature is completely eliminated.
  • No Rusting : Nitrogen does not react with any metal components like wheel rim, which eliminates the chances of rusting, whereas tyres filled with compressed air will react with the moisture inside the tyres and causes oxidation.
  • Enhances Fuel Efficiency : Nitrogen, when compared with the compressed air, escapes slower and retains the tyre pressure for long. Compressed air escapes faster, leads to the reduction of tyre pressure, that causes stress in the engine and the fuel economy drops. Nitrogen has a positive impact on the fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Improves Ride Quality :Nitrogen makes for the comfortable ride, due to the optimum pressure retained, especially when you drive at high-speeds on highways.
  • Safer Tyres : The Pressure range remains stable in the Nitrogen filled tyres than the compressed air, so this shows that the Nitrogen is safer than the normal compressed air.
  • The Pressure range may be unstable in a normal compressed air filled tyre, when the temperature is too cold or hot. If the temperature is too high, the tyre pressure may increase dramatically, and the tyre may explode, whereas Nitrogen eliminates all the complications.



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